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Physician, Health Counselor

About  Me

Ayurveda has become a journey of complete wellness and inner discovery of my true self. Initially my curiosity just started with spices/herbs in the kitchen. While at college, my irregular lifestyle and poor diet choices led to a weak metabolism and lack of contentment. I then realized the significant influence of your daily choices when you don't live in synchrony with nature.


While I am trained in allopathic medicine I always felt there was a missing piece in my education; a part which addressed the whole person and went beyond focusing on the symptoms of the disease.  I always visualized that health should be approached in a less mechanical/algorithmic environment for preventative care. Through experience, I realized the physical absence of disease isn't the true meaning of health. Health is being completely balanced at all the subtle levels of body-mind-soul and in a state of harmony. 


 Now I hope to share this knowledge of Ayurveda with the world. I am passionate about nutrition, women's  health and beauty, enhancing digestion/immunity and balancing the mind. 
I love to make people realize that they have the freedom to connect with themselves through healing the body-mind-soul via a nourishing lifestyle. Health can be a source of liveliness and creativity when you realize the innate healing capabilities of nature! 

Most of all self-healing allows you to return to a state of higher awareness/ consciousness by processing your own emotions and removing limitations within yourself.



Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Kerala Ayurveda Academy, California

( 2016-2017)

Practitioner in Training 


Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice 

Institute of Functional Medicine( 2020-Current)

Doctor of Medicine

Drexel College of Medicine (2015)

Pediatric Residency (2018)

Bachelor of Science, Biology 

Drexel University (2011)

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