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About  Me


Physician, Health Counselor

About  Me

Ayurveda has become a journey of complete wellness and inner discovery of my true self. Initially my curiosity just started with spices/herbs in the kitchen. While at college, my irregular lifestyle and poor diet choices led to a weak metabolism and lack of contentment. I then realized the significant influence of your daily choices when you don't live in synchrony with nature.


While I am trained in allopathic medicine I always felt there was a missing piece in my education; a part which addressed the whole person and went beyond focusing on the symptoms of the disease.  I always visualized that health should be approached in a less mechanical/algorithmic environment for preventative care. Through experience, I realized the physical absence of disease isn't the true meaning of health. Health is being completely balanced at all the subtle levels of body-mind-soul and in a state of harmony. 


 Now I hope to share this knowledge of Ayurveda with the world. I am passionate about nutrition, women's  health and beauty, enhancing digestion/immunity and balancing the mind. 
I love to make people realize that they have the freedom to connect with themselves through healing the body-mind-soul via a nourishing lifestyle. Health can be a source of liveliness and creativity when you realize the innate healing capabilities of nature! 

Most of all self-healing allows you to return to a state of higher awareness/ consciousness by processing your own emotions and removing limitations within yourself.

About: Team Members


Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

NAMA Certified

Kerala Ayurveda Academy, California

( 2016-2017)

Practitioner in Training 


Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and GI Module

Institute of Functional Medicine( 2020)

Doctor of Medicine

Drexel College of Medicine (2015)

Pediatric Residency (2018)

Bachelor of Science, Biology 

Drexel University (2011)

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