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How do you view health? In our modern approach to life, multitasking, a fast-paced and convenient life has taken precedence over living in the present and making conscious choices.  Over time, sensory overload and a general lack of self-awareness has led to a path of imbalance due to poor choices. Chronic stress, decreased immunity, weak digestion, and feelings of dissatisfaction predispose us to numerous health issues at the mind-body level.  Health is not just about normal labs, trendy diets, or an ideal weight. 

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Nurture your Core

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medical system, believes in discerning the root cause of an imbalance within your unique constitution. It is based on the foundation of being one with the environment so you can heal your whole self.  Therefore living in disharmony with nature leads to separation of your mind-body-spirit. Realizing that the healer lies within you gives you power to make a change and live a life in awareness of your true potential.  

At SomAyu, we hope you will learn a personalized approach to nutrition, beauty, your daily lifestyle, common ailments, and mind/spirituality. Readers can cultivate their power to heal and create means to harmonize their lives with nature
through a holistic perspective.

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"Wherever Pure Knowledge and Happiness is There Lies True Beauty.
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