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Just More than Dark Circles

I'm sure you have had late nights in your life, leading to yourself looking in the mirror to see those pesky dark circles. It may seem

easy to conceal, but what about actually getting rid of them without having to use concealer. Our face can be used as a map per Ayurveda, and aids in understanding the root cause of an issue. Dark circles, are not just dullness of the eyes, but reflects underlying stress in the body. Stress, mainly reflects a vata imbalance, the energy of movement. Why?

Naturally, the kidney organ is governed by vata, and the region underneath the eyes reflects an imblance within the kidneys/adrenals. Therefore dehydration, worry, or lack of sleep can lead to aggravation of the vata energy. This can reflect on the face as dark circles, which we just try to cover up, rather than addressing the real issue. And these real issues can be addressed not just by lifestyle changes but foods/ herbs in your own kitchen.

  1. Water

    1. We all know our body is composed primarly of water, and the liquid and nouishing qualities help balance vata. Vata is known to have dry, rough, and light properties. When we drink at least 6 glasess of water, this relieves excess vata and nourishes the plasma layer of our body. Not just water, eating hydrating foods such as zucchini, celery, and cucumber can nourish your plasma tissue, and decrease dark circles. You can use water not only to consume, but splash your eyes first thing in the morning with cool water, this boosts circulation.

2. Milk/Saffron

b. While I have tried many eye creams, cold milk applied to your eyes can increase the brightness of the undereye area along with decreasing roughness and wrinkles. Milk has natural exfoliating properties, along with cool, yet nourishing qualities of milk can decrease your dark circles if applied regularly. How to? Take a tsp of cold cow's milk, or goat milk and soak cotton pad for few seconds.When read to use, drench out excess and apply to your eyes for 15 min. Added benefit is to put a strand of saffron to the milk, which adds lightening properties!

3. Beauty Sleep

c. Sleep is our best friend when we want clear skin and bright eyes! Sleep being one the pillars of optimum health per Ayurveda, is crucial for our health. And not just 8 hours of sleep, but sleep that is deep and refreshing. Sleeping at midnight, rather than 10 pm is not the same according to Ayurveda, even though you might be getting suffient time. Between 10 pm-12 am is the period during which the liver detoxifies, and when you sleep at this time you contribite to allowing your body to rejuvenate and remove toxins. For deeper sleep and decrease dark circles, massage your feet with warm coconut or sesame oil depending on the season.

4. Potatoes

d. Yes, the potatoes we use for daily cooking such as fries, burgers can be used on our eyes! Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, that is known to have lightening properties along with decreasing inflammation. Applying two cold slices to your eyes 10- 15 min can tighten your skin along with reducing puffiness. Another way, is to grate the potato and apply the juice underneath your eyes with cotton ball.

Now its your turn to brighten your eyes!

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