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Got Milk?

Cashew, pea, flaxseed, almond, goat's, or cow's milk? The choices are endless! In our current age the range of milks have steadily increased from the traditional cow's milk. However, what does ancient Ayurvedic texts mention regarding the traditional cow's milk. Should it be substituted for all the other milks?

Well, cow's milk is seen as a nourishing substance, that promotes ojas ( natural immunity). It also promotes rejuvenation of the tissues. But this cow's milk is not the typical milk we see in cartons all over the grocery shelves. Per Ayurveda, cow's milk which is whole, non-homogenized is the closest to the description, and if possible raw or minimally pasteurized. This is because the proteins are able to stay in it its natural state, without being more difficult to digest.

However, even with all the beneficial properties of milk, milk itself is a mucous promoting, heavy especially when cold( all kapha promoting qualities); therefore for some individuals can be difficult to digest if they don't have a proper agni, or metabolism. Stay tuned for detailed recipes and description of how to drink cow's milk according to your constitution!

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