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Why Cow's Milk?

I know we are all waiting for the recipes on how to drink cow's milk for your constitution. But even before that lets talk about how milk can support your body in more specific ways per ayurveda. What's your favorite part of milk? From what I remember from my school days was the sweet and smooth quality of milk. It makes you feel so relaxed especially after a long day with all your books.

Well Ayurveda mentions that one of the main qualities of milk is it's sweet, heavy, and cold nature. These qualities primarily help when the system is suffering from excess heat or catabolic process. Milk has been used to aid with hyperacidity, insomnia, malnutrition, chronic constipation, impotency, anxiety, premature aging/ wrinkles and much more! Also, milk can support the digestive process at all stages along with cleansing the digestive tract. More so due to its absorptive quality boiling milk with various herbs/ spices can have specific effect on the doshas you are trying to balance, which we will learn in the coming posts.

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