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Discover the Real You

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Have you ever thought about the relationship you have with yourself? I sometimes wonder in this racing life do we ever take a moment to breathe and feel our inner self. We tend to believe that “ someone” else should fulfill our desires to keep us happy. From the morning we our surrounded by our friends, loved ones, or co-workers. Some of us feel despaired when we are “ alone.” However, are we truly alone? The most time you will ever spend in your whole life is with yourself. There will be those special people in our lives who bring colorful moments and take life into a different direction but they might not be there all time. When I reflect back those special ones tend to show us our positive/negative sides of ourselves that we may not have recognized before; hence making us connect with our own self. Sometimes that which is unconscious may be projected on the other who we are personal with.

Over the years I realized I haven’t been treating myself as I should, for which repeated situations that understate those feelings have occurred many times in my life. Due to these situations, I finally reflected on my thoughts, which I was able to tap into through meditation. Meditation truly allows you to become aware of all your thoughts: good, bad, and ugly. All the situations I had a choice: either I could feel low about myself or make a change. A change to be the best version of myself, and actually love myself for who I truly am at the core. Just this notion can change this repeated cycle or karma. However, many tend to just re-live the same situations over and over again, blaming the situation rather than taking responsibility for their own feelings if they aren’t aware of their emotions or thoughts that cloud their inner voice.

Sometimes we can keep more weight on other people’s opinions, but at the end of the day you know yourself best (even though you might not know it). You can be your own best friend, confidant. When we start to become in touch with ourselves, and not always bending to please others and ignoring our inner needs your body starts to feel lighter, mind clear, and rejuvenated. Each day feels like a dance because you feel like you have found your lost best friend. It is a balance between duty and freedom; hence this is not an excuse to become selfish. But sometimes we are at a point in our lives where we feel we are not serving our soul the best way that we should, and when that occurs a change should happen and does if we stay in this awareness. It may be hard especially if we feel we are hurting or letting down the other person, but the duty of following the path of the soul tends to frequently be shoved away in a box in this sensory world.

The friend who seemed “ hidden” has always been there. We just had to glance inwards instead of outwards as we are used too; expecting that certain “someone” or goal will fulfill all our desires.

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